Election 2016

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Election 2016

A Clear Distinction

by Jeff Coors, Intercessors for America

This presidential election is critical. The next President of the United States could appoint at least three Justices to the Supreme Court of the United States—setting a course for America for the next 30 to 40 years. The fate of the unborn, our religious freedoms, and our nation’s support for Israel are all at stake this election.

We may have reasons to dislike the candidates, but one of two will be our next President…

I challenge Christians to read the party platforms as they pray for whom God would have them vote. There has never been a clearer distinction between party’s official platforms. While candidates are not bound to the platforms, these provide the guidance for them based on the input of their members. Christians have a moral obligation
to both pray for those in authority and to vote for those who govern us.

IFA has available a 2016 Presidential Election Voter Prayer Guide that provides the platform positions and Scriptures connected with each issue that will assist
you as you pray and seek the Lord for His direction.


Blogger’s Commentary

People have sincerely questioned whether either of our presidential candidates has gone beyond being a cultural Christian to becoming an actual, Blood-bought and Spirit-led disciple of Jesus. In that light, Charles H. Spurgeon once wrote, “The disciples became different men from what they had ever been before: men full of God are the reverse of men full of self.” My question is this, what is the likelihood that if either of these candidates were seriously called to repentance while in office they would be drawn closer to the platform their party has put forward rather than away from it?

It’s also worth saying that the presidential race isn’t the only thing for voters to keep in mind: we also have numerous local candidates running for public office. In the words of Dennis Richardson, CEO of the Hillside Family of Agencies,

  • We are very fortunate to live in one of history’s most successful democratic republics.
  • A great privilege, and responsibility, is our right to vote for the legislators and other government officials who will provide local, state, and national leadership.
  • This election cycle is particularly important because we will be contributing to the selection of public officials at all levels of government.
  • Your vote and mine will shape the future of statutes, policies, regulations, practices, and culture across America.
  • The respect for a diversity of opinions, and our ability to express them, is a hallmark of being American.
  • I encourage all of us to exercise our privilege of expression and choice regarding the shape our future by voting on Tuesday, November 8th.

Click here for more information about your local candidates from the League of Women Voters.

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