Facebook Dead?

Posted by on Feb 11, 2017 in Community, Peacemaking

Facebook Dead?

Facebook Dead, A Victim Of 2016

by Bethany Mandel

Since the end of the 2016 election, and especially since it resulted in the victory of Donald J. Trump as president, Facebook has become utterly intolerable.

If I were to write an obituary for Facebook, it might look something like this:

Facebook, The, 12, of Boston died in the early months of 2017, after a long illness stemming from the 2016 election cycle. Born of Mark Zuckerberg, survived by Instagram. In lieu of flowers, please click on an ad on the Facebook sidebar while you check messenger every now and then.

The Facebook, known as Facebook or FB for short, was invented as a tool to connect users with friends, family, and occasionally brands. The social network became a death knell for high school reunions, as we no longer had to schlep back to our hometown to see how fat the star football player had gotten, or how successful the school nerd had become. We use the service to connect with old classmates, coworkers, and neighborhood friends.

Millennials like myself can see on Facebook how our entire adult lives have evolved. I joined as a college student, and through the years I’ve announced a new boyfriend, then fiancé, then husband, then all three of our pregnancies on the social network. Every job change, every move, every everything got its own Facebook post. Most of my photos of the last ten years have disappeared from computers and hard drives, but still live on Facebook’s servers.

That’s what makes my slow breakup with Facebook that much more surprising to everyone, myself included.

Click here to read Bethany’s thoughtful article in The Federalist.



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