Poverty in Rochester

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Poverty in Rochester

The numbers keep getting worse

In a synopsis of a report by WalletHub noted recently in the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ), urban Rochester ranks 1st highest in Child Poverty Rate in the U.S., a dubious distinction it shares with Detroit and Buffalo. It also ranks 4th highest in Adult Poverty Rate, exceeded only by Detroit, Cleveland, and Tallahassee.

WalletHub – a social website launched by Evolution Finance that offers financial tools and information for consumers and small business owners – compared the nation’s 150 most populated cities based on 21 key indicators of economic disadvantage. Rochester ranked as the 29th most needy city in the United States.

Source: WalletHub

Click here to read the latest RBJ article and/or on the link above to read the full study upon which it is based.

In an article published two months ago, the RBJ reported that “Poverty in this region has continued to grow. The most current rate is 14.3 percent, versus 13.2 percent three years ago. In the city of Rochester, the poverty rate has climbed to 33.8 percent, up from 31.1 percent. Compared with cities its size, Rochester has the second-highest overall poverty rate, and the highest levels of child poverty (52.5 percent) and extreme poverty (16.4 percent), which is defined as below half the federal poverty level.”

His Branches is working together with others in the Rochester Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative to develop approaches to this serious problem in our city.

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